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Outreach and Pubic Relations

The Earth and environmental sciences provide an essential contribution for a better understanding of how human activity shapes our environment and what potentials rest in our home planet. However, results of scientific investigations are often poorly communicated to the broad audience and/or relevant target groups. The outcomes of geoscientific research is therefore often either not well known or not understood and are not perceived by political decision-makers or are not optimally taken into account in decision-making processes. Therefore, we would like to inform the general public, interested pupils as well as a specialist audience about the latest research results of Potsdam’s Earth and Environmental sciences.

It is our central concern to make the bundled know-how of our research accessible to audiences from different cultures and with a different educational background. We aim to promote knowledge communication by presenting our results in a way that they are comprehensible to a broad audience. Also, we strive to integrate different cultural and social standards of knowledge and processing into the presentation of our research results.

Several outreach initiatives have been launched over the last couple of years. We have trained our young research fellows to better communicate their knowledge. Results of our endeavors have been published online on the PROGRESS Youtube Channel. Also, we have been developing the GeoEducation initiative, which aims to provide methods how to integrate Earth science topics into regular school curricula.

In all our attempts, we work closely together with experts from science journalism, political and administrative sciences, as well as media implementation (games, comics, film). The HFF Film-University in Potsdam Babelsberg and the Climate Media Factory consortium is an important partner for our communication.